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Apple iPhone 5C (32GB, Blue, Factory Unlocked)


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Apple iPhone 5C Specs




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Launched along with Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C replaced last year’s iPhone 5 which has since been discontinued by the company. The phone has a plastic body and almost feels like an iPhone 5 with a back cover when you hold it in your hand. It is a bit heavier and chunkier than its iPhone 5 as well measuring 124x59x9mm to the iPhone 5’s 124x59x7.6mm, and it also weighs an extra 20g. The plastic back, however, doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact, it has a great finesse to it. The light blue colour is great and some would not even go for a back cover with it. The glossy plastic design complements the wallpapers and the theme of iOS 7.





The iPhone 5C has the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5 and is powered by dual core A6 processor that we saw for the first time last year. This will also make sure that the latest version of the mobile firmware from Apple i.e. iOS 7 will run smoothly on the device. The device will support 4G LTE ensuring the faster downloads and data speeds. While Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc remain the basic part of the smartphone. Apple iPhone 5C will be available in two storage options: 16 GB and 32 GB. The phone is essentially the same as the iPhone 5 but without the aluminum casing which has been replaced by a polycarbonate plastic design.





The phone comes in 5 different colours however there is no version with a white front. The body of the device isn’t like the flagship iPhone 5 and won’t give you a feel of it either but like other high-end Smartphones which are fashioned out of aluminum, it does have a shiny plastic finish which would give off a nostalgic feeling of when you had an iPhone 3G or 3GS. The signature home button stayed at the center and offers the same functionality as it always offers. The iPhone 5C is pretty similar in design apart from one or two things that have been taken away from it that have already been discussed above.






The Apple iPhone 5C seems pretty identical to iPhone 5 when it comes to features as the camera is yet again the same in iPhone 5C as it was in iPhone 5 i.e. 8 megapixel camera. Though a little improvement has been observed in the secondary camera as it has been improved to a FaceTime HD but still it has no comparison with the primary rear camera of the device but it should be more than enough for video calling and FaceTime.




Apple has surprisingly opted for a better battery, a 1510 mAh battery. This should be enough to last a day with moderate usage which would include a little gaming here and there, messaging, calls, web browsing and a few videos along the way.


Lightning Port


This came as no surprise especially after the last year update of lightning port to iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 5C also features the lightning port, which was obvious since Apple is moving forward and moving all of their gadgets to lightning port compatible. So, Apple has also added the lightning port to the cheaper version iPhone 5 i.e. iPhone 5C. The new iOS coupled with this lightning port charges the phone faster and more efficiently as well. If you’re looking to get a little juice in your phone before you go out when your battery is a bit low, this feature and enhancement will surely come in handy.




When talking about a cheaper version of any smartphone, sometimes manufacturers even reduce the number of things in the box. Sometimes its the headphones while at other times there’s no booklet, which frankly, doesn’t bother much people. The point is, people expect that there would be something missing in the accessories department because that’s what the manufacturers do when they launch a cheaper version of their own flagship phone. However, Apple hasn’t done anything like that and you will get all the standard accessories with your iPhone 5C which include a wall charger, earpod headphones, a standard issued pin to open the sim tray of the phone and the normal booklets and starter guide and not to forget Apple stickers.



The iPhone 5C comes preloaded with Apple’s latest operating system which is the iOS 7. This new update brings great new transitions and animations. While going into an application, a zooming in transition can be seen and while exiting, the application zooms out, which to be honest is a great touch to the new OS. Other changes include the new multitasking screen which is similar to Web OS’s cards. To close an application, you just have to swipe it up (after going into the multitasking screen by double tapping the home button). This is a much better way to close apps than the one used in previous versions of iOS because sometimes, closing the applications by trying to press the small X continuously would get annoying. Apple has also gone with a flat look in this version of their operating system, removing the glossy icons with icons which are more flat than they were before. The gloss has also been removed from the small icons. The new lockscreen is a welcome addition as well and has a nice animation while going into the main screen after being unlocked. Changes to the camera application are great and taking pictures seems a bit faster than before. These are just a few features of the new iOS 7 which can be seen right away and are great additions by Apple. 



With the additions made to the software and hardware, the phone seems great if you’re looking to upgrade from an iPhone 4S or older but people using an iPhone 5 will probably want to hold on to their phones instead of jumping guns because of the similar features and a track-back from the aluminum design which has a premium feel to it. The phone doesn’t come cheap and there are other phones that can be acquired by paying less but if you’re willing to spend, you probably wouldn’t be disappointed with this iPhone keeping in mind the changes that have been made to it. 





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